“The Photon-Genius is enlivening. I feel more clear minded and energetic after a Photon-Genius session. It works every time."
-S.B. Sedona, AZ 

Each session encourages the body's own production of nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide is importantly considered a miracle molecule. It is proven to help prevent and reverse heart disease. Dr. Louis Ignarro won a Nobel Prize for his work with Nitric Oxide and wrote the book: NO More Heart Disease.

Nitric oxide (NO), the "miracle molecule" helps preserve and improve the elasticity of all the vessels in the body, because it is a "signaling molecule" that tells the blood vessels to increase in width or dilate. This has significant implications, because optimal blood circulation is a key factor in virtually all health issues, including Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, Arthritis, Anti-Aging, etc.”  ~
Skilling Institute

“Fund your cancer treatment (without a loan)”….


Our mission….


Recognize, respect, and promote the self-healing power of nature inherent in each individual by supporting essential immunity system health.  Provide tools with the most effective health benefits available with no or very little risk.  Educate on the means to possibly remove the causes of illness, in addition to naturally reducing and/or eliminating symptoms.  Require self-responsibility for individual health of every member.  Emphasize the condition of good health for the individual to promote overall well-being and to help prevent diseases and illness.  Support the body as a whole.

The mind is everything.

What you think …… you become.
~ Buddha

Welcome to Sedona Photon Light, where we offer an effective, natural protocol to help heal and energize the body. 


We also offer complementary therapies that help manage pain, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and other symptoms. We are the only location in the Verde Valley to offer treatment sessions in the Photon Genius, as recommended by cancertutor.com

¨ Cellular regeneration

¨ Immune System Support & Boost

¨ Detoxification

¨ Cancer Eradication

¨ Pathogen Devitalization

¨ Increased circulation

¨ Pain Relief

           And more!!!

World Leading Alternative & Complimentary Treatment

“The chance that a natural protocol, undertaken immediately after diagnosis, will benefit the patient is better than 90%. Do I have a clinical study to prove that? Absolutely not. Nor will there ever be one. Knowing what we know, how could we possibly do a double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial – giving one group something that would not help them? It’s not going to happen. As a result, the above percentage is derived from what we see with the patients we work with and what we hear about from all those who do similar things.   ~ Bob Wright of American Anti-Cancer Institute.


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